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Saturday, May 5, 2012



10.1   Description of work

Furnish and install wood doors according to the specifications listed herein, shown on the Drawings, and eeded for a complete and proper installation.

Provide hardware and louvers for wood doors are specified under this section.

10.2 Submittals

10.2.1 Product Data

a. Name and official address of wooden doors manufacturer shall be submitted to the
Engineer for written approval before starting wooden floor .

b. Submit a copy of door manufacturer's
specifications or product data which nay show compliance with specified reuements.

c. Details of core and edge construction for each type of door. d. Details of louvers and trim for openings in doors.
e. Location and extent of hardware blocking,

10.2.2 Samples

samples submitted will be reviewed for color and texture on3y. Compliance     with other re uirements is the exclusive responsiblity of the contractor. Submit samples for the following:

a. Cut - out sample of doors materials, corej stile, rail, and finish of surface veneer.

b.  Submit one sample of each exposed hardware unit if required by the Engineer, The remained undamaged samples will be returned to the supplier after final check.

10.3 General Requirements

a. Exposed face Materials: Provide same material on both faces of individual doors , unless otherwise indicated,

b. Transom and side panels: Wherever panels are retroired in same framing systems as wood doors,  provide panels which match rtuality and appearance of associated wood doors in all respects,  Imbricate matching panelsw with same construction, veneers and finish as specified for associated doors,

c. Openings : Light - opening shall be factory cut openings. Louvers shall be provided of type, size and profile to comp with the applicabler-re'tiiT-ements of the referenced standards for (s) of door required and as shown on the drawings and approved by the


10.3.1      Katorials

a.  Provide  door  construction  for  complying  with  referenced  standards  and  as approved by the Engineer,

Core construction shall be of aolid wood-block,

Face veneers shall comply with premium Grade an of the species and cut indicated .

i. All plywood facing shall confirm to B.S. 3449, or other equivalent standards. The adhesive shall  be of synthetic resin and of type suitable for designated use. Doth faces shall be free from knotes, overlaps, patches and all open defects, Both faces shall be suitably smooth for painting,

ii. All hardwood facing shall be sound, properly seasondM and free from sapwood , beetle infection or from any defect rendering it unsuitable for the purpose for which it is inteded. The selected hardwood shall be Teak or approved equivalent .

b. Adhesives shall be type 1 waterproof bond.

c. Furnish all finish hardware with all necessary screws, bolts and any other fasteners of suitable size and type reqired in this section.

d. All units of each kind of hardware ( latch and lock sets, bill t closers,.... etc) shall be obtained from only one raanufacturer which shall be of the best type and complies with the requirements of the door and door fa&ane and approved by the Engineer.

e. Kick plites shall be gage 10-0 Stainless steel. ges are to bo beveled on three sides,

f. Provide matching finishes for all hondware units at each door or opening to the greatest extent possible.

10.3.3   Prefitting and preparation for Hardware

Prefit  and  premachine  all  wood  doors  at  the  factory.  Comply  with  tolerence requirements  for  pro  -fitting, Machine doors for all hardware requiring cutting of doors. Reinforce doors and frames for all finish hardware items,

10.4 Execution

10.4.1      Inspection

Examine floor frames and verify that frames are of the carrect type and have been installed as required for proper hanging of corresponding doors. Do not proceed with installation  until   unsatisfactory  conditions  have  been  corrected  in  a  manner acceptable to the installer,

10.4.2   Installation

a. Set doors level, plumb and true to line and location. Adjust and reinforce the attachment substrate as necessary for proper installation and operation. Clearances shall  be  3mm  at  Jambs  and  heads  and  13mm  from  bottom  of  door  to  top  of decorative floor finish or covering,

b, Ilingce shall be located as follows :

i.     Top Hinges:  not over 290 ram from inside of frame rabbet at head to centre line of Mnge,

ii,      Fottom Hingc :  not over 330 mm above bottom of door frame to centre line of hinge.

iii. Center Hinge: Midway between top and bottom hinges,

c.     Hard ware units shall be installed as required by the manufacturer's instruction. Except as indicated or specified otherwise, use fasteners furnished with hardware to fasten hardware in place. Fasten hardware to wood surface with full- threaded wood screws or sheet metal screws. Use  machine screws set in expansion shields for fastening hardware to solid concrete and masonary surfaces

d, For surfaces are later to be finished or pain tod, install each surface    mounted items completely and then removed during- the finish application, after which re- install each item back to place.

10.4.3 Quality control

When required by the Engineer , cut apart one or two doorst selected by random to determine compliance with the specified requirements, Evidence of non - compliance will result in rejection of  the Acceptance doors so tested shall be replaced at the expense of the Owner,

10.5 Delivery and storage

a.     Protect wood doors daring transit , storage and handling to prevent any damages or deterioration. In

b.Coordinate delivery of wood doors to domply with the requirements of the painting sections.

c.      Doors shall be stored out of the way of work in progress and not exposed to extreme changes of temperature,

d.       Adjust and check each operating items of hardware and each door to ensure proper operation. Doors or hardware units damaged before acceptance of the work shall be refinish or replaced and as directed by the Engineer.

e.       Clean and ie.hzibxioate operating items as necessary to proper function and finish of doors and hardware.

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