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Saturday, May 5, 2012


9.      METAL WORK Scope of Work
Furnish all labour, material and equipment for complete erection of miscall    metal work as shown on the drawings, specified herein and as evidently necessary to complete the work. All supplemental parts necessary to complete the work shall be included whether or not such parts are definitely shown or specified .

9.1        Work includes, though is not limited, the followings:

9.1.1.    Aluminum items such as: a.     Aluminum windows and frames. b.    Aluminum doors and frames.
c.   Aluminum screens with doors. d.     Expansion joint covers.

9.1.2      Steel items such

a.     Steel floors and frames aixafcetwi . b.        Hand railing

9.2      Submittals

The contractor shall submit the following to the Engineer for his written approval before starting the metalwork.

9.2.1       Manufacturer

Names and official addresses of the manufactures of the miscellaneous metal items with technical brochures there of for approval.

9.2.2      Samples

Samples   of    metal    items    in   appropriate    sizes    to    show   materials,    finishes, construction,  etc. The contractor when he has submitted the actual piece as a sample.

9.2.3 Test reports and certificates

The contractor shall submit to the Engineer for his written approval, all test reports and certificates at the contractor's expense when so required by the Engineer.

9.2.4 Spares and tools

Such metal items which the contractor may recommend for maintenance purposes after acceptance of the building shall be listed with prices for each item, so that the owner may purchase all or any quantity of such, at his discretion and expense.

9.3 Materials

9.3.1 General

The basic materials to be used for the material work shall conform to following standards or other equivalent standards.

B.S    4  :  1972    part 1          (( Hot Rolled sections ))

B.S    4  :  1969    part 2      (( Hot Tolled Hollow sections )) B.S   1940  :  1971           part 1          (( wrough steel pipe fittings )) B.S          4360  :  1972            (( Weldable structural steel ))
B.S       729  :  1971                      (( Hot dip galvanized coatings on iron and steel articles))

B.S    1449  :  1956             ((  steel plate, sheets and strips ))

B.S     1970  :  1972          (( wrough aluminum and aluminum purposes plate steel and strip ))

B.S    1161  :  1977             (( Aluminum alloy section for structural purposes ))

B.S       1474   :    1972           (( wrough aluminum and aluminum alloy for general engineer   purposes,  bars,  extruded  round  tubes  and sections ))

B.S     1471                    (( wrough aluminum and aluminum for general engineering purposes forging stock and forging))

B.S     1475                                         (( wrough aluminum and aluminum for general engineering purposes - wrie ))

B.S    1475                                  (( Anodic oxidation coating on aluminum ))

9.3.2 Aluminum

Aluminum for ornamental or miscall shall be corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and meet the requirements for B.S or other engineer approved standerd.

9.3.3 Steel

Steel for  metal  item  shall  be  new,  low  carbon  mild  steel  and  shall  meet  the requirements of ASTM 36 or other standards applicable for the designated purposes.

9.3.4 Steel Tubing

Steel tubing shall be carbon steel for general structural purposes containing not more than 0.05% sulphur, manufactured by hot rolling or seam welding having heavy walls and rounded corners.

9.3.5 Stainless steel

Stainless steel for ornamental or miscall metal shall conform to the B.S standards and other equivalent standards

9.4 Products

9.4.1 General

a.  Refor to all relevant drawings and the doors and windows schedules for types, materials, locations, dimensions, operations, details and quantities of all metal doors, windows, louvres, and frames.

b. All members shall be straighr or correctly curved, free from warp or distortion

c. Anchors shall be provided along the frame at intervals not more than the specified distances so as to rigidly fix all metal doors, windows and louvres

d,    All metal surfaces shall be given corrosion protection treatment, expect, where embedded in concrete such treatment shall be galvanizing bonderizing or rust paint coating given after completely cleaning of rust and losse scale, and shall be of a type, worir          and in colors suitable to the subsequent application of finish paint.

e.     Connection  of  all  members  shall  be  rigidly  fixed  and  ground  smooth  where exposed.

f.  The doors, windows, louvres and relevant frames shall be stiffened internally to resist wind, self weight and operations and to rigidly accommodate finish hardware .

g.  All steel louvres, including exterior louvers and door louvers , shall be stationary unless otherwise indicated or specified and shall be provided with bird screen on rear side drawings.

9.4.2 Aluminium

a.    Aluminium doors and screen shall comprise framing members transition member st ancnors, aaaptors mountings, They shall be cut to size and shall be prepared for joints after corrections have been made for removing stress,

b. All screws , miscellaneous fastening devices and aluminium alloy or corrosion resistant materials of sufficient strength to perform the functions for which they are used.

9.4.3      Aluminium

a.        Aluminum windows shall be designed to perform the functions for which they areiixcfeGriftdd.

shall be securely attached to the window section,

b.  All exposed screws shall be stainless steel or aluminum, concealed screws and fixing devices shall be aluminum or Kino plated.

c.  There shall be no aluminium contact between alumi&» ium members which are required to slide against one another, to avoid excessive wear.

9.4.4 Steel doors and frames a. Shop a. Shop fibrication

profiled steel door frames and flush doors shall be supplied completely. Namely t door height or  ceiling hight frames shall be supplied complete with hinges | lock strike, rubber shock absorbers baseties and fixing lugs.

Ready for building without any further cutting, Doors shall be mortised drilled and prepared for  iron mongeny at the and shall be complete with hinges,                                    handles or standard pattern lock set.

The faces shall be free from seams and joints.     Flush doors shall be available in either  single or duoble leaf sets. Door frames shall be thoroughly cleaned, treated and coated against corrosion as specified in the item (9-4-1 )

9.4.5        Weather stripping,  impact absorbers and air-tight strips weather stripping impact a bosorbers and air-tight strips shall be materials compatible with aluminium and other metal with which it comes in contact, without promoting corrosion and with sufficient resistance against deterioration by all weathering factors.

All profiles shall be in accordance with drawings and as required.

9.4.5     Flyscreans and birdscreens

a.     All open lights of the windows shall have having 18 wiresper inch.

b.     All exterior steel louvres shall have birdscreens , having 4xt,2mm steelwires per inch,

c.          Frames to fasten the screens shall be as shown on the drawings and shall
Jiave sufficient regidity to prvctont sagging of the screens.

9.5 Steel handrails

steel handrail shall be installed at various stairs and made of steel frame.

9.5.1 Materials

Steel handrail shall be of pipes which conform to B.S, size shall be in accordance with that indicated in the drawings, and it shall be finished with paint

9.5.2 Installation

Steel handrail shall be factory - welded as a rule. welding operators shall be ones who are well-skilled and experienced and have sufficient knowledge of the work, in case embedded anchors are used for anchoring the material, they shall three times more resistance against expected pressure.

Joints between the handrail and bulusters shall be welded . cut sections shall be covered with same materials used for the handrail by weldt.

9.6     Delivery, Storage and Handling

All metal door, window and louvre materials shall be delivered to the job site and stored  under  protection  against  damage  including                                 scratches,     bents,  warps, corrosion,  etc. and against moisture and contamination.

9.7   Installation

9.7.1        Metal doors, windows and louvres shall be set plumb square level and in exact alignment with surrounding work to the supporting structure by tight and rigid anchoring and grouting methods, as shown on drawings.

9.7.2      All joints between interior metal and structure and between interior glass framing and mullion members shall bs air-tightly fisred.

All materials shall be screwed in place using blocking, masonry plugs or anchor straps as  required, where mouldings are jointed, they shall be accurately cut and fitted to result in a tightly closed joint.

9.7.3  Installation of door , window and louvre frames shall be done in the following manner.

The frame shall be temporarily fixed in the proximity of the true location by supporting with temporary wooden wedges provided between the frame and the surro- unding structure. The frame shall be poistionad to the true level plumb and correct poistion by adusting the wedges precisely .

Anchors shall be welded to the projecting steel from the surrounding structure so that the frame will not move  1:3 cement mortar shall be grouted tightly around the anchor followed with grouting of all  spaces between the frame and surrounding structure. The wedge shall be removed after the grouting has set,

9.8   Protection and cleaning

9.8.1    After installationt all metal door , window and louvre work shall be cleaned carefully until the building is accpeted by the Ifagineer,

9.8.2  Solvent harmful to metal and finish of door, window and louvre work shall not be used for cleaning.

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