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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Site preparation


1.1 Description
Site preparation work consists of site clearance, survey, cutting, imported fill, embankment and construction of ditches for drainage. Work of this section includes all measurement and materials required to complete the supply, execution and construction of site preparation.
1.2 Site Clearance
The contractor shall clear, from all areas planned for the work, all buildings, materials, debris, etc, prior to the cutting and filling work taking all necessary precautions to prevent damage to the existing road structures and buildings or other facilities, in the area, which shall not be demolished.
1.3 Survey
Prior to commencement of the work, the contractor shall check the existing bench marks and reference points located on or out of the site as indicated. The contractor shall establish newly standard bench marks and points for the works within the site with the agreement of the Engineer.
a. Traversing
Prior to execution of the works the contractor shall check the existing reference points, and the results shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval.
b. Principal points
Principal points shall be established taking advantage of the existing reference points.
Individual principal point posts shall be of wood, 15cm x 15 cm size, with an indicating nail on the top, the surface of the post above the ground shall be painted white.

c. Bench marks
When establishing bench marks within the site, a minimum
of one (1). back and forth leveling operation shall be carried out. Establishment of temporary bench marks shall be determined and performed by the contractor. Temporary bench mark posts shall be of wood, 12cm x 12cm x 100cm in size, with an indicating nail on the top, the surface of the post above ground shall be painted.
d. Other survey
Setting out for survey shall be done with the agreement of the Engineer.
The Engineer may issue instructions or orders for surveys to supplement those listed above or for different surveys with which the contractor shall promptly comply and carry at this own expense.
1.4 Protection from Water
In case of rain, the day’s works shall be stopped so as to confine damage due to rainfall to a minimum. According to the site conditions, temporary drainage ditches shall be provided. In cases where ditches, damage ditches etc. become blocked with sand, earth, etc, such shall be immediately removed. Broken slopes shall be immediately repaired. In case where swamps, pools etc. which are not shown on the Drawings are found, such shall be drained.
1.5 Cutting
Cutting refers to excavation of the natural ground of cut sections. preparatory drainage and disposition of ditches at the cutting sections f temporary disposition, loading, hauling , unloading and spreading of the cut soil at embankment sections , and other temporary works necessary. such excavation shall be carried out in accordance With the Drawings and specifications and as directed by the Engineer.

1.6 Surface Finish
The finished cutting and embankment shall be roughly leveled, a deviation, of approx. 5cm from the proposed height shall be allowed. Slopes shall be protected from damage due to weather during the execution. Final surface finish shall be executed after completion of building work it shall cover the depth after settling to that the levels indicated in the Drawings and specifications are met.

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